CCRR-2013/Call for Abstracts/Information on oral Presentations

General Information on Oral Presentations

In Preparation
We are planning to publish all chosen abstracts on the conference webpage with the beginning of the conference. All participants whose abstracts have been chosen for an oral presentation or a poster presentation are welcome to update their abstract and to upload their revised abstract until May 10, 2013. Please do not forget to use the abstract template. We will publish the original abstracts if we do not receive a revised abstract. We recommend all participants to take a look into the submitted abstracts ahead of the conference and to add the affiliation and the contact information (e-mail) to the author details. This information helps interested readers to contact you. Click here to upload your abstract. You need to fill in your individual Login and Password you have received within the register mail.


General Guidance for Presenting

  • Date, times and rooms: Detailed information on session dates, times and rooms are published in the Programme overview.Changes to the program are possible. The Programm overview is regularly updated.
  • Arrival and Duration: Please try to arrive at least 15- 20 minutes before the beginning of the session at the room. Staff will assist you by transferring your presentation to the computer and will answer additional questions. The sessions are structured differently by the head of the session. Please contact the head of the session if you do not have received detailed information about the time slots for presentation and discussion. The presenter can supply additional information in a discussion with the audience.
  • Format: Please prepare a PowerPoint (or PDF) Presentation. Please use common image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP.
  • Technical facilities: Each session room comes equipped with aLaptop (Office 2007), Beamer, Wireless Remote and asmall Flipchart. If you plan to show a video, a sound or if you plan to use programs which are not compatible with Microsoft Office 2007, please contact Carolin Kaufhold. If you prefer to use your own Laptop, Ipad, Apple Mac etc. please do not forget to bring the necessary cable for linking your property with the beamer and an adapter (if necessary). Please make sure that your property matches the available power source (voltage and frequency) in Germany.
  • Presentation upload: Please ensure that your presentation is uploaded well before your session starts. Upload your presentation to the file area until Mai 24th 2013, 6pm. The file name of your presentation should contain the session number and the name of the presenting author. Example: 1a_YourName.ppt. You may use the formats ppt, pptx, pdf.
    In case you have problems with uploading your file, please send it to info@ccrr-2013.de.
    If you are not able to upload or provide or send your presentation until Mai 24th, please ask for assistance at the registration desk well before your session starts. We will assist you in getting your presentation uploaded on time.
  • Availability of your presentation and abstract:  The abstracts will be available online until 25th May 2013.  We would also like to upload your presentation. There will be a list in every session room on the lectern, asking you whether you would like to publish your presentation or not. Please fill in your preference.
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